Electric Hot Water Bottle with Massage and Waist Belt

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  • Safe, With No Leaks: The outer material is made of nontoxic high-grade silicone and a durable 6-layer lining to ensure maximum safety and heat transfer while keeping the water warm for a longer period of time. It is formed and sealed in one process, so there is no risk of water leaking. The pre-filled liquid is pure water with no chemicals added, which makes it safer to use. The environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials are completely safe to use when in contact with your skin.
  • Prefilled Water: The MONHOUSE heated water bottle comes pre-filled, so there's no need to refill with hot water or microwave it! The MONHOUSE Heat Wave hot water bottle does not require any boiling water, preventing splashes during the pouring process. Simply charge for up to 7-10 minutes and it's ready to use, it heats to a 70? temperature and provides warmth for up to 5 hours! There may be a slight smell at first (like new hot water bottles) but this goes away after the first 2 charges.
  • Comfortable Flannel: A warming hot water bottle for your shoulders, belly, waist, or calves – use it to warm up before going to bed and to provide soothing back pain relief, period pain relief, muscle relaxation, and soothing comfort. It comes with a 180 gsm comfortable flannel outer material. You can use it in a variety of situations, such as when you are resting, reading, driving, or working – it’s flexible, so can easily move. The outer material is ideal for people with sensitive skin.
  • Safety Features: You’ll have peace of mind when using this heated water bottle against your skin. It features an auto-shut-down function at 70°C to prevent overheating; a detachable power charger provides additional protection. The back of each heating pad features a soft and comfortable contact surface for the skin, which makes you comfortable, dissipates heat evenly, and is secure and durable enough to avoid burns. Every MONHOUSE eco-friendly hot water bottles is BS1970:2012 compliant.
  • Bring It Anywhere: Bring this electric water bottle anywhere you need it. With a compact 27 x 18 cm design, it can be taken onboard airplanes and on trips, and it’s also fit for office or home use. If you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones, consider this soft-to-touch heated water bottle. The hot water bottle is an ideal Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift, because it not only warms your hands, feet, and entire body in cold weather, but it also keeps you feeling cosy and stress-free.

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